PASCAL Vacuum Systems
PASCAL Vacuum Systems

Our view of technology

a division of  CGII ,industrial assetts management company

PASCAL Vacuum  Systems ,the engineering group that designs and supplies high vacuum coaters designed in accordance with each customer's requirements.





Our engineers and designers realized over 700 metallizers all over the world

Since 1981 we managed worldwide subsidiaries of High Tech Corporations


Our experience to handle financial planning and industrial management exceeds 30 years.


We have been selling technology products in Europe,North America,China,India,Russia since 1988.




At your Service

PASCAL Vacuum  will prepare production and/or acquisition planning, communicatons,marketing strategy and forecasts,financial cash-flows,credit follow up. Our services will be tailored according to the specifics of each particular company ,organisation,location,language and people.

All our initiatives are successfull

Efficiency and success are the reference paramenters of our work.Further to some basic costs coverage,our clients are happy to share with us for some time their best profits.



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